African Cinema: Watch ‘Moments of Madness’ Starring Patience Ozokwor and Chika Ike (Nollywood)

Film Synopsis: Pressured by both friends and family to get married, Wilson, a Journalist, finally finds love. But, there is one tiny itsy bitsy problem. His love interest, played by Actress Chika Ike, is “mad” i.e. a schizophrenic. Unknown to him, she is also the only daughter of Mrs. Franca (Patience Ozokwor) a late minister’s wife and a very wealthy business woman. What happens to these two love birds? Who is actually “madder?” the Schizophrenic or the one who falls in love with her and wants to marry her? It is a film that will keep you in suspense. It also, sadly, captures the sad reality of the inadequate and ill treatment (medical and society at large) of those with mental health issues in certain parts of Africa.

Online Distributors: Iroko Partners

Photocredit: Chika Ike Facebook page


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