LBW 017: The Business of Fashion Blogging with Assa Cisse, Founder ‘Ciaafrique’ and ‘Curves & Curls.’

AssaCisseCurvesandCurlsSuccessful fashion blogger Assa Cisse, the founder of ‘Ciaafrique’ and ‘Curves & Curls’ blogs, makes a guest appearance on the Ladybrille Woman Podcast show to share how she left her job as a human resource professional to become a successful fashion blogger. Assa has collaborated numerous brands including Target.

Assa loves getting pretty. She is a wife and a mother of two little boys. Her ‘Ciaafrique’ blog focuses on African fashion while her ‘Curves & Curls’ is  where she shares her personal style, hair , beauty, thrift shopping, being a mother, style tips and more.She believes in celebrating women of all shapes and sizes.


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Quick Preview of the Podcast

  1. How she began the Ciaafrique blog.
  2. The challenges of operating an African fashion blog.
  3. The lack of brand collaboration by African designers with bloggers.
  4. Finding a new rhythm with her blog My Curves & Curls.
  5. Collaborations with Western brands like Target & more.

Where to Find Assa Cisse

Facebook: Curves & Curls

Twitter: @mycurvesandcurls

Website: mycurvesandcurls

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