African Cinema: Watch Season 4 of popular web series ‘Skinny Girl in Transit’!

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Skinny Girl in Transit (SGIT) is a story about a young Nigerian woman who embarks on an emotional journey trying to balance life, love and a career with the new African societal pressures of being overweight. The series stars Abimbola Craig as Tiwa, the lead character and skinny girl in transit. SGIT is directed by Mohammed Atta and written by Dami Elebe and Jadesola Osib. Watch all the latest episodes of season 4.

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Episode 1
Tiwa is back! Things are going smoothly at the radio station until Tiwa’s new boss informs her of another scandal making the rounds about an OAP allegedly having an affair with a married musician. Who could it be? Watch!

Episode 2
Mr. Awosika is back from his trip and Tiwa has to be the one to fire Hadiza from the station. Shalewa tries to fine-tune Mohammed into her ‘spec’. Watch!

Episode 3
#TiwaMide 2017 seems right on course with the duo working out together and creating serious tension for Shalewa. Tiwa gets a surprise gift at the radio station and Didi grills her on identity of the sender. Watch!

Episode 4
Didi finally introduces Tiwa to her Obinna, and the gang enjoy an exciting night of charades. Shalewa takes Mohammed window shopping and things take an interesting turn. Watch!

Episode 5
Shalewa turns to Tiwa for advise after her embarrassing encounter with Mrs. Peters and Tiwa decides to tell Mide about her stint with Fabrice, but will she? Watch!

Episode 6
Tiwa and Shalewa separately reflect on the events of the past few days. Aunty Dupe is in town and it seems she is about to become a mother as she moves to adopt a child. Mama Tiwa embarks on a fast on behalf of her kids. Watch!

Episode 7
Mama Tiwa makes a suspiciously fast recovery as Shalewa blames herself for all that has gone wrong in the Awosika family. Tiwa decides to tackle her latest problem head on. Watch!

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