Ladybrille Kpop: Sunzoo ‘On & On’ ft. Drunken Tiger, Yoon Mi Rae, Roscoe Umali (Video)

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The King (Drunken Tiger) and Queen (Tasha) of Korean hip-hop are at it again. This time, under their newly formed group SUNZOO. SUNZOO is the name of a new global hip-hop group created by Tiger JK ,Tasha(Yoon Mi Rae),Roscoe Umali, Styliztik Jones, DJ James Jhig and producer !ll mind. The collaborative group was revealed back in February 2011 along with … Read More

Ladybrille Kpop: ‘1,2,3’ by Heenain (Video)

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California, USA based Korean owned label NeroN Records is hitting the music scene, hard, with really talented artists. One such artist is Heenain. Heenain’s latest music video ‘1, 2, 3’ shows off her amazing vocals and tells a story of love, where girl meets boy and has a sweet crush on him. Enjoy.

Ladybrille Kpop: ‘Now I Know’ by New Dynasty ft. Joon (Video)

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Korea’s hip-hop duo New Dynasty represent hip-hop to the fullest with their latest hit, ‘Now I know’ featuring Joon. Check on it! “dy·nas·ty/ˈdīnəstē/Noun 1. A line of hereditary rulers of a country: for example, “the Tang dynasty”. 2. A succession of people from the same family who play a prominent role in a certain field. As fate would have it, … Read More

Nicki Minaj Rocks Manish Aurora at the AMAs, Continues Love for All Things Asian

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Nicki Minaj might seem quite innovative with her music and clothes on America’s music scene. But, she really isn’t. From her tattoos to sound style and designs, it’s been done before and continues to be a common signature for K-pop (South Korea) stars and industry. But, we are so not complaining. In fact, we like that she continues to embrace … Read More