The Business of Fashion | Why Luxury Brands Are Wrong to Ignore Africa #Africanfashion #Fashionlaw

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For almost seven years now, we’ve been having this kinds of discussion on Ladybrille and it is indeed why I established Ladybrille. We have shared video clips, data and so much more on why all eyes should be on Africa, especially Nigeria.

Good to see the Western media like The Business of Fashion creating even more awareness/ becoming even more tuned in.


Photo: Nigerian/African luxury brand Jewel by Lisa via way of, African luxury brand retailer

“LONDON, United Kingdom — Earlier this year, Nigeria became Africa’s largest economy and the 26th largest economy in the world, valued at $509 billion, based on GDP figures that were recalculated using a base year of 2010 instead of 1990. Given Nigeria’s new status, as well as its new crop of millionaires and billionaires, who have become wealthy through oil (Nigeria is the 11th largest oil-producing nation in the world), Nollywood entertainment and other business ventures, one might …” – The Business of Fashion has the full story.


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